Quality Management

How We manage The Quality?

Quality Management & Certificates

Only through security, quality and sustainability we create values and new perspectives in the production of medical OEM products, custom-made products and innovative new developments.

With the careful adherence to all legal requirements, quality management according to the highest requirements and a complete documentation of all production steps and all raw materials used, we create a stable and solid basis for a trusting and long-term cooperation with you.

CE marking

As a manufacturer certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485, we create a device master file for each of our products, carry out a risk management report and report our product range to the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information. Any medical OEM or specialty product manufactured by us complies with the requirements laid down in the European Union harmonization legislation and may bear the CE marking.

FDA approval

As a manufacturer of medical devices, we carefully take care that our production facilities comply with the regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our plants have been audited by the FDA and approved for the manufacture of medical devices for marketing on the US market.

Complete documentation

A complete documentation of all production steps and the origin of all raw material batches used in production is self-evident in the production of OEM medical products and Customized / Bespoke products.

Any product range for classical or one-way instruments manufactured for you will always be accompanied by all certificates and certificates up to the origin of the steel grades used.


Your trust is our capital, so we always offer you the highest transparency and open, binding communication. Whatever information you need from us.